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Master List of 2013 Secret Santa Mod Gifts

Mad props and huge thanks to telaryn for creating every single one of these awesome mod gifts. She's crazy, but we love her anyway. :)


Mod Gift
whiskyinmind Old Habits Die Hard (Especially When Coffee's Involved) (Eliot/Melinda May)
mariella1983 Wallpapers
ishilde We are Gathered Here Today (Clint/Quinn, Leverage team plus assorted Avenger cameos)
boundsofdecency Things Just Too Hard to Accept (Nate/Sophie, Nate/Eliot)
melpomenethemis Building New Bonds (Sterling, Olivia)
ruquas No Good Choices (Eliot/Sterling)
qiancheng109 The Best of Intentions (Eliot/Sophie/Moreau)
acquariusgb Love (and hormones) WIll Always Find a Way (Nate/Sophie)
scout_lover What It Means to Matter (Eliot, Juliana Moreau)
ella_bee Sometimes the Past Bites Hard (Leverage and Castle teams)
yanzadracan Things You Never Expected (Eliot, Parker, Hardison, Agents of SHIELD team, Maria Hill)
mizzy2k A Perfect Tragedy (Nate/Peter Hale)
vickysg1 Unconventional Family, Conventional Fears (Nate/Sophie, Maggie/Sterling)
zeezeemagee If Anyone Can Show Just Cause... (Nate/Sophie, Damien Moreau, brief appearances by the rest of the team, Sterling & Maggie)
ultra_fic Let the Past Lie Undisturbed... And Twitching ( Eliot & Archie, Damien Moreau, glimpses of Parker, a moment or two with Nate)
seraphinasnape Enforced Rite of Passage (Teen Wolf/Leverage Crossover; Team, Derek, Peter)
jesco0307 Quiet and Safe (Team, Nate/Eliot)
caitriona_3 On a Snow-Covered Morning (Nate, Maggie, Eliot/Parker)
sigrundora Getting to Work
alinaandalion Pillow Talk (Nate/Sophie)
ariestess Learning to Fly (Tara, Parker, Sophie)
theron09 The Pull and Play of Old Loyalties (Eliot, Shelley, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov)
meghan_84 Everything for Family (Eliot, Kaye Lin, Layla Grant, Will Lexington)

A new exchange, run by an old friend...

I owe you guys a master post of mod gifts (thanks, T, for writing the heck out of those), but real life has a sneaking way of kicking your ass in devious ways. So, while you wait, why don't you have a look at a new exchange run by a regular participant in this exchange, ariestess.

If you're at all a fan of Once Upon a Time, the new exchange will give you a place to create and share beautiful fanworks. And the rules should be very familiar to you. :)


The 2013 Secret Santa Master List!

Your 2013 Secret Santa Master Post! For those of you that have been waiting and/or caught up in your respective holiday schedules, this assembles all your links in a single handy chart. We encourage all of you to read and enjoy all the gifts - a lot of people went outside their comfort zones this year with some impressive results!

If you have not had the opportunity to look over and comment on your own gift, the next handful of days is a perfect opportunity. *nudge, nudge, hint* fleurlb and I are both Moms, and we take appropriate expressions of gratitude for your gifters very seriously.

The Master Post for this year's mod gifts will be up in the next day or so, to be followed by the traditional end of Exchange poll. While we had a few hiccups this round, I think the schedule shift was largely a successful one.

Thanks again for everything you guys produced this year - you keep it fun for us too!



mizzy2k Assorted Artwork mariella1983
seraphina_snape The Rescue Job (Eliot and Quinn, ensemble for Teen Wolf; Eliot/Quinn, with a very vaguely hinted at Stiles/Derek) theron09
acquariusgb The Mystery of Atlantis Job (Leverage/Alias crossover. Nate/Sophie; Jack/Irina; hint of Eliot/Sydney) ella_bee
ishilde I See the Future (Eliot Spencer, Parker, Agent May, Agent Ward, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, implied Eliot/Parker) ultra_fic
ultra_fic After the Fall ( Sophie, Tara, Maggie, Parker, Hardison, Eliot, Nate, Nate/Sophie, implied one-sided Tara/Sophie, implied Parker/Hardison, implied Eliot/Tara) alinaandalion
ella_bee The Wild Card Job (Crossover with Castle - Canon Pairings) vickysg1
yanzadracan How It All Came Together Part One Part Two (Eliot/Clint; Parker/Hardison; Tony Stark; Quinn; Shelley; Natasha Romanoff; The Avengers, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson) whiskyinmind
meghan_84 The Handler (Nate/Sophie, OT3, Implied Natasha/Eliot) ishilde
zeezeemagee Birthday Surprise (Hardison, Parker, Eliot, and Maggie join in the fun) acquariusgb
caitriona_3 To Share the Spirit (Team, Maggie/Sterling, Olivia) yanzadracan
vickysg1 Running in Circles (James Sterling, Olivia Sterling, Maggie Collins, Sterling/Maggie) melpomenethemis
qiancheng109 Second Chances (Leverage/ Person of Interest, Team, John Reese, Harold Finch) trappercreekd
melpomenethemis Welcome To The New Age (Eliot/Parker) meghan_84
whiskyinmind Original Artwork - Nathan Ford mizzy2k
alinaandalion Who Says it Ever Has To End? (Sophie/Tara/Maggie) ariestess
yanzadracan The Favors We Owe for the Promises We Made (Eliot Spencer; Mr. Quinn; Parker/Hardison; Phil Coulson; Natasha Romanoff; Nick Fury; Original Characters; Tony Stark; Clint Barton; pre-Avengers) scout_lover
scout_lover To Catch A Thief (Nate/Sophie) zeezeemagee
ariestess Settled (Sophie Devereaux) qiancheng109
theron09 Gone Away (Team) ruquas
ruquas Security and Doubt (Nate/Eliot, Sterling) boundsofdecency
boundsofdecency We Wish You a Chaotic Christmas Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Eliot/Parker, Nate/Sophie, Maggie, Hardison) caitriona_3
mariella1983 The Revenge Job Part One (Team) seraphina_snape

Mod Gift for Mariella1983: Wallpapers

Okay, it's true. For some reason I can't get enough of making wallpapers for you, mariella1983. Thank you for playing with us again!

And that's all she wrote!Collapse )
Title: Things Too Hard to Just Accept
Author: telaryn
Mod gift for: boundsofdecency
Rating: R
Characters/Pairing: Nate/Sophie, Nate/Eliot
Word Count: 1270
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Eliot is in the hospital...again.
Disclaimer: Only own the effort involved.
Summary: When Eliot wakes up after being held and interrogated by a mark for days, it's enough of a surprise that he's been rescued. The idea that Nate and Sophie have cut their honeymoon short so that Nate can help Eliot through his recovery is almost more than he's prepared to deal with.
Author's Note: We're so glad you were able to play with us!

He comes awake fighting. It’s the only response he knows to passing out while being interrogated, because rule number one is that you never wake up better off than when you pass out.Collapse )

Seraphina - fic - The Revenge Job

Title:  The Revenge Job
Author: Mariella
Giftee: Seraphina
Rating: I am not sure, so just to be safe: NC17
Characters/Pairing: Sophie/Nate, Sophie/Eliot, Parker, Hardison,
Word Count: 38.942
Spoilers: (This is critical, as some areas have not gotten S5 legally yet.) No
Warnings: So again, just to be sure, rape is part of this story.
Disclaimer: I don´t own anything of this story.
Summary: Seeing a close friend getting hurt was the one thing that the team couldn´t just forget.
Notes: I am sorry for all the english speaking people around here, but this story is in german. My giftee can speak
german, too so I follow some advice I get from someone else and write her a german story. @Seraphina: I really hope, you like it.
I am also sorry for mistakes, I hadn´t the time to read it again or gave it to someone else to read the whole thing. Merry christmas.
I will post the other parts once this first part is online.
The first three parts under hereCollapse )
Title: We Wish You a Chaotic Christmas
Part: 1 of 3
Author: Michelle (boundsofdecency)
Giftee: Caiti (caitriona_3)
Rating: PG-13 for canon-typical violence and themes
Characters/Pairing: Eliot/Parker, Maggie, Hardison, Nate/Sophie. A little bit of Hardison's nana and Archie.

Word Count: 14,805 plus graphics

Spoilers: Yep. Set post-series. From season five, spoilers for:
  • Episode 6, The D.B. Cooper Job
  • Episode 11, The Low, Low Price Job
  • Episode 15, The Long Goodbye Job
Warnings: Canon-typical violence. Cartoon-ish violence imagery. The lightest possible touch of D/s bratty sub dynamics.

Disclaimer: The characters, settings, equipment, backstory, and anything else you recognize aren't mine. Good thing, too. If they were mine, there wouldn't be so much canon goodness and excellent fanfic out there.

Summary: The members of the Leverage team have always been there for each other. These bonds are as strong as ever, even when the team's sense of 'family' has a few growing pains.

Content: Post-series, loneliness, H/C, Christmas, happy ending, team-as-family

Notes: Ignores the canon pairing Hardison/Parker. They still flirted throughout the series, but she never took him up on it. Sorry, Hardison -- she's never going to be in the mood for pretzels.

Let the chaos begin...Collapse )

Mod Gift for Ruquas: No Good Choices

Title: No Good Choices
Author: telaryn
Mod gift for: ruquas
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairing: Eliot/Sterling
Word Count: 2083
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: AU set in 19th Century Britain. Definite dub-con, bordering on non-con owing entirely to the economic imbalance between the two parties.
Disclaimer: Only own the effort involved.
Summary: Eliot Spencer is struggling to support a family, when an offer of help comes from an unexpected place.
Author's Note: For those of you that enjoy other sorts of Eliot/Sterling stories, be advised - there is no humor here. Hope you enjoy it Ruquas!

The fatal flaw in his logic was that the world wasn’t simple, and too many sorts had a vested interest in skewing the balance of things in one direction or the other.Collapse )